Sunday, May 20, 2012

Humminbird Side-Imaging Transducer Install (Part II)

Discovered a NEW Humminbird Side-Imaging (SI) transducer mount for my 2012 Skeeter TZX 190.  This new mount, sold by, allows my transducer to be lowered deeper in the water column and further away from the transom (and sponsons) giving a better look under the boat- and sideways.  Better look underwater=better resolution on my Humminbird 798.  It also puts the transducer in an undisturbed water column, void of turbulence and air bubbles that can distort images. 

I spoke with Capt. Chris (from SternMate) on the phone BEFORE I purchased the mount to ensure that it would work as advertised and that I could benefit from it.  The best part of the SternMate mount is that NO DRILLING HOLES is required.  The mount is glued to the transom with Special Glue that Capt Chris provides in the install kit.  In fact, the new mount allowed me to fill up and cover all the existing screw holes from removing my original bracket.  It also allowed me to attach both the temp probe and transducer cable to the NEW mount.  Therefore, I saved re-drilling some holes into my brand NEW boat.  The mount can also be removed in the unlikely event that it has to.  You can see the nice clean/professional install and look.  Installation was easy.  Just prep the mount and the transom (with a thorough Isopropyl Alcohol scrub down) and you're ready to mount.  The glue starts setting in 10-15 minutes and cures in 24-48 hrs. (depending on air temp).  The mount aint cheap ($120)..but what is these days that's a "quality" product?   Besides, what's $120 after you spent $1,200 on a Humminbird 798 Side Imaging Fish Finder?

It's hard to see (in the photos) but the mount allowed my SI transducer to be lowered at least 1" deeper in the water and 2" further aft from the transom than the original dealer location.  This combination, down and aft, will allow the transducer to get a "better look", thus better resolution.

Check out the SternMate at  I think you'll find this mount worth every penny (like I did).  Not only is it's good lookin'.  Fish ON!  Rob

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